Flexible polishing of glass edges with ARTIFEX

Innovative tools with a tradition.

You have the edges – we take care of the finish. Our elastic abrasives can be applied in almost all sectors of glass edge processing, regardless of whether they are flat edge, arris, miter, bevels or laminated safety glass. With 100 years of experience in tool development and production, we can ensure the highest quality.

We offer a wide range of products for single and double edger machines. We also realise perfect pencil as well as straight edges and possess the ideal tools for working on laminated glass and edge stripping of low-E glass. You can only achieve the optimum result with tools that are perfectly matched to each other.

Elastic - flexible - high-performance

In ARTIFEX tools, abrasive grain types like silicon carbide, aluminium oxide or garnet are flexibly embedded in elastic materials like polyurethane, rubber or resin. This makes our grinding and polishing disks as soft as a sponge, finely porous or hard, but always elastic. Depending on the application, the specifically matched composition of grain and bond achieves the desired finish.


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