The right solution for your machine

Whether it is flat edge, arris, miter, bevelled or laminated glass: With our ARTIFEX product range, we equip single and double edger machines just like CNC milling machines, custom-fit and in all price groups. Depending on application, glass type and polishing result, we can provide the perfect tool for your machine.

We produce our elastically bound polishing tools for all standard machine types. You decide whether your priority lies on high glass transparency or a perfect high shine. We have the right tools for you. 

For initial equipping, we fit out many single and double edgers of renowned manufacturers like Benteler, Busetti, Neptun or Forvet. Of course, we also provide alternative tools besides the OEM tools made to customer specifications for almost all machines.

Custom-fit for single and double edgers

Every machine and every type of glass has specific requirements. An ideally matched set of tools lets you obtain optimal results. This set consists of polishing wheels with different grain sizes, abrasives and the corresponding arris wheels. ARTIFEX helps you to achieve perfect high gloss, long service lives or industrial gloss – just as you require.

Depending on customer requirements, the focus of our Series is on

  • life span
  • perfect high gloss
  • low tool costs

Peripheral wheels for perfect pencil edges

Round edges, regardless of whether they are pencil, flat bullnose or half bullnose, have special requirements. Our ARTIFEX tools for single and double edgers as well as CNC machines adapt to your requirements and your budget. Here, we also offer the entire range from the perfectionist (BK - WR1) up to the classic (AO - UQ5).

The pros for laminated glass

Laminated glass requires special processing. The polymer foil between the flat glass panes may cause cup wheels to become clogged and glass edges to stick together. 

With the ARTIFEX special tools, these problems are a thing of the past. We offer all product series as segments with 3-mm or 5-mm slots for perfect laminated glass processing. Your advantages: no clogging of the cup wheels, no sticking together of glass edges. Processing laminated glass can be so easy.

Experts for small machines

It is not always the large machines that achieve the ideal results for your requirements. Glass edge finishers with just a few polishing spindles can also be excellently equipped with our tools. Starting with our polishing cup wheel quality AO – BQ6, followed by the rubber cerium oxide cup wheel CE – R which achieves optimum high gloss on edges. If diamond stations are not available for the arris, it can be smoothed with SC 280 HS cup wheels and polished out.

Ideal helpers for decoating of LOW-E GLASS

Manual machines, vertical machines, cutting tables – there are various options to work on low-E glass. Each machine and each type of glass has its own requirements hereby. ARTIFEX grinding wheels meets them all. This is because they are flexible in terms of grain size, abrasive grain type and bonding strength. For variable applications – custom-tailored to your demands. 

The selection of the right composition depends on the layer to be stripped and the number of metal layers. Each manufacturer offers its own types of low-E glass. To meet the requirements of varying suppliers like AGC, Guardian, Interpane or Saint-Gobain, ARTIFEX produces grinding disks that differ in grain size, abrasive grain type and bonding strength.

By the way: our ARTIFEX quality SC 150 HT scores with a special polyurethane bond and silicon carbide. You will be sure to pass the butterfly test with it.

Custom-fit for manual machines

When using converted angle grinders or manual circular saws whose rpm value has been reduced, we typically recommend disks with core reinforcement like the SG 100 HT. 

Manufacturers: Bohle, Knopp, Pannkoke, Rottler & Rüdiger and others.

Perfect for vertical machines

We also stock different series for the glass processing on vertical machines, depending on the coating strength or the integration of protective foil.

Manufacturers: Bystronic, Forel, Lenhardt, Lisec and others.

Ideal for cutting tables

For more complex processing methods on cutting tables with integrated edge stripping units, we offer different versions, depending on requirements; for example for especially hard offline coatings or glass with a protective foil like Guardian TPF.

Manufacturers: Bottero, Bystronic, Hegla, Lisec, Macotec and others.

You can get detailed information in our download area.