Elastically bound grinding and polishing tools:

ARTIFEX tools are made of familiar abrasive grain types like silicon carbide or corundom, flexibly embedded in a compound made of polyurethane foam or rubber. Depending on the requirements, these are soft as a sponge, finely porous or hard, but always elastic. The preferred tools for the processing of all kinds of work piece surfaces include…

65th edition of the yearbook for grinding, honing, lapping and polishing


Tool Grinding:

Together with Artifex, Rothenaicher Schleifwerkzeuge, Germany has achieved a breakthrough in the combination of grinding wheels for polishing and grinding. The two recently developed grinding wheel bondings now enable a highly process-reliable grinding of main cutting edge corrections such as K-Land, as well as the increasingly important step correction for step drills.
Benefit: Top surfaces with highly precise micro-rounding on the cutting edges...

Specialist journal for production – edition 03/2018


Publication: Finishing of glass edges with elastic bonded abrasives abrasives

In order to finish the edge of flat glass, elastic bonded abrasives are used. The final finish is achieved using cup wheels containing Cerium Oxide in a resin bonding. The result is a perfect gloss finish…

ECG (European Conference on Grinding) 2013 in Bremen, Germany